Faith Trumbull Chapter

  Daughters of the American Revolution

       Norwich,  Connecticut

     Our Patriots
     Patriots are those who aided in achieving American independence. More comprehensive description is found on the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution website. The patriots listed below are those from whom our current members have lineal descent.   
Lebbeus Armstrong, VT, LT Job Kelsey, CT, 2LT
William Ashcroft, CT, PVT, SMN Payne Kenyon, CT, SGTMAJ
Thomas Austin, CT, SGT Joseph Knight, RI, LCOL PS
Jacob Philip Kuntzelman, PA, Pvt
Obadiah Baber, VA, PVT  David Learning, CT, PVT
Reynolds Barber, RI, SGT Thomas Lewis, CT, PS
Zacheus Bartlett, MA, CAPT, CE PS Jonathan Lothrop, CT, PVT
Isaac Oliver Benedict, MA & NY, PVT Providence Ludlam, NJ, CS
Nicholas Bishop, CT, CAPT Rufus Maine, CT, RI, PVT
Perez Bradford, CT, ENSIGN John Martin, VA, 2LT
Stephen Brewster, CT, ENS, CS PS Thomas Moore, PA, SOL
Thomas Brooks, NJ, PVT Daniel Morgan Jr., CT, CS
Jonathan Brown, NH, PVT Jireh Mumford, RI, SOL
Ebenezer Bryant, CT, OATH Joseph Nelson, NY, SGT
Timothy Bryant, CT, PVT Jonathan Paine Jr., MA, PVT
James Buzzell, NH, PVT Peleg Pendleton, RI, LT PS
Amos Carroll, CT, LT Elijah Phelps, CT, SOL
David Chapman, CT, PVT Abraham Pierce, MA, Sgt
Ishmael Coffey, MA, Pvt Basil Prather, NC, SOL
Simeon Crum, RI, SGT Manasseh Prentice, CT, PVT
Daniel Dawley, RI, PVT Absalom Pride, CT, PVT
Isaac Day, CT, PVT Oliver Proctor, Sr., NH, SOL
Elias DeLong, NY, LT Robert Ray, NJ, CAPT
Joseph Dewey, CT, PVT Eli Rising, CT, PVT
Ephraim Doolittle, MA, COL PS Josiah Robbins, MA, PVT
Richard Dow Sr., NH, PS Josiah Root, CT, PS SRGNMTE
Richard Dow Jr., NH, CAPT PS David Ruckman, NJ, PVT
Ebenezer Drury, NH, PVT Jahannes Willhelm Seeber, NY, LCOL PS
Zedekiah Drury, NH, PVT Peter Shirts, NY, PVT
James Dunham, CT, PVT Zebadiah Simpson, MA, PVT
Henry Elliot, PA, PVT Anannias Sayre, Sr., NJ, CS
Joseph Elliot, CT, CAPT David Strong, CT, CPL
Arthur Fenner, RI, CAPT Joshua Shaw, NJ, CS
Daniel Fitch, CT, Cpl
Andrew Gallup, CT, Pvt
Philip Shepard, NJ, PS
Nathan Gile, CT, PVT George Teeter, VA ENS
John Glover, MA, BGEN James Terrell, CT, PS
Peter Griffin, CT, CAPT Robert Waterman, CT, ENS
Joseph Hildreth, Jr., VT, SGT Nathan Westcott, RI, Capt
Jeremiah Halsey, CT, LCOL 
John Harper, NH, LT
Isaac Wheaton, NJ, 2LT
Paul Wheeler, CT, PS
                        William Harris, NY, Pvt PS                                        Danial Herrick CT, PVT John Wilson, CT, PVT
William Wilson, CT, CAPT PS
Daniel Highsmith, NC, SOL Samuel Wisewall, VT, PVT
Jesse Holman, VA, CS Henry Woodbridge, CT, PVT
  Thomas Wooley, NH, PS

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